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eMAG Apps UI KIT – A collection of visual elements and guidelines for designing web applications

Today we officially launch our very first stable version of eMAG Apps UI KIT, a collection of visual elements and guidelines built by designers and developers at eMAG. What does it bring? Our open source UI KIT is based on Bootstrap architecture and was carefully built with HTML, CSS and JS. Aside from the elements provided by Bootstrap, it comes with its own set of unique components, styling and useful plugins that you can use in your projects. Here you can see the components demo. How do we use it? At eMAG, we use the UI KIT to develop our internal web applications, but at the same time it’s suitable […]


Nothing is micro about microservices

What is a microservice? There is nothing micro about eMAG but as we like to do things as simple and as efficient as we can, I’d like to talk to you a little about how we use microservices and how they improve our work and make our projects shine. So what exactly is a microservice? You might find lots of articles, each having a different approach on how they explain it but, in a nutshell, it means using lots of small applications that communicate with each other and get the job done fast, and not having just a few big ones that need entire teams to handle them. Not to […]