OpenStack & CORE Application

              The title sort of gives it away but I would like to steal some moments of your time and teach you a little about stacks, about machine allocation and also about CORE, an internal app that reduced application  setup from a few days to a few minutes. With CORE we will be able to set up an entire system of applications ready to go in no time at all.  Basically using the app a new employee can get to work on his first day at 9:00 AM and have a working environment at 9:05 AM. Pretty cool right?I think so and I had the […]

Be together, not the same – Android 101

Android has become one of the most exciting operating systems in the past few years. Have you ever wondered what’s it like to see your idea turn into an app that you can run on your actual device? eMAG Workshops program is proud to present, in collaboration with “FII Practic!”, an Android journey where you will learn the basics of Android native programming. During March and April, the Android 101 workshop will take place in Iasi as a part of the “FII Practic!” project, an initiative of ASII (Computer Science Students Association) and FII (the Faculty of Computer Science Iasi). “FII Practic!” is a place where faculty and high school […]

Remember eMAG Hackathon 2016 – Future Hacks edition

24 hours may seem like a short time, but in the thrill of a hackathon, you may be amazed of what you can accomplish. At the beginning of September we challenged our colleagues from the technology teams to look towards the future of technology and build awesome future-inspired applications. To our delight, quite a few of them said yes. And here we are, September 3rd, 10 o’clock, spreading participant kits to the guys who were coming in large groups, impatient to get things started. Two hours later, we “let the games begin“ and everyone hurried to gather his team and write down their projects strategy. But where there is a […]

C’est la “Vue”

The journey from giving up React.js in favor of Vue.js The intrigue As technology is evolving at a fast pace and microservices are a thing now, the number of frontend libraries/frameworks that endorse this architectural design style has gone up to the roof. Making a choice has begun to be a pain in the a.. as the perfect framework does not exists and flaws are sometimes hidden far beneath in the mist of time. As you will see, it’s more about knowing what you want and not the number of articles that endorse a framework, the community or even the company behind it. HX Team HX (Team) stands for Human […]

eMAG Apps UI KIT – A collection of visual elements and guidelines for designing web applications

Today we officially launch our very first stable version of eMAG Apps UI KIT, a collection of visual elements and guidelines built by designers and developers at eMAG. What does it bring? Our open source UI KIT is based on Bootstrap architecture and was carefully built with HTML, CSS and JS. Aside from the elements provided by Bootstrap, it comes with its own set of unique components, styling and useful plugins that you can use in your projects. Here you can see the components demo. How do we use it? At eMAG, we use the UI KIT to develop our internal web applications, but at the same time it’s suitable […]

eMAG Warsaw Hub’s team on Testing Cup 2016

On May 25th a team of brave testers from eMAG Warsaw Hub participated in an event called “Testing Cup 2016”. This was an unique opportunity to evaluate our testing skills in real action competing with other specialists from Poland and also promote eMAG as a company that focuses on the quality of the software delivered. What is Testing Cup? The craft of QA in Poland is growing really fast. There are many dedicated software test specialists, so it is inevitable that the number of events for all those people will also increase. The first edition of the Testing Cup took place four years ago in Warsaw. It is formed of […]

How to write an article

From time to time there’s a situation when you have some innovative idea or recently acquired some skill.  It definitely did cost you some time and effort. Why not share it with others? Preparing your thoughts for the public consumption helps you organize your knowledge, review the possible flaws and put your idea up for the peer review. There are multiple methods of sharing your ideas, with two main types used daily: presentation and article. Each of them has its pros and cons: presentation is more interactive and supports better interaction between speaker and listeners. On the other hand, it’s hard to gather a larger crowd for a meeting and […]

eMAG full sponsorships for mobile courses

The number of consumers using mobile devices for shopping has overpassed the number of the ones using desktop. Following this trend we’ve become mobile oriented, by building a team that is in charge of developing new features that will enhance the customer experience both on iOS and Android. Because we want to invest in the growth of the mobile environment and because we want to build our team, we offer 4 full sponsorships for 2 of the courses of Mobile Academy: 2 sponsorships for the iOS Essentials Development Course – the course offers a structured and hands-on approach that will help you learn essential iOS concepts. Guided by an experienced trainer, you […]

What is testing? Baby don’t bug me, don’t bug me, no more!

Testing Definition: To tell somebody that he is wrong is called criticism. To do so officially is called testing. On a serious note, what is testing? Testing is a process used to identify the accuracy, completeness and quality of a product. In software testing, this stands for developed computer software. Software testing also includes a set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software so that the latter could be corrected before it is released to the end user. Why is testing important? Well, you could die! Yes, you read that well, because faulty testing can actually lead to severe consequences including death. You can find a […]

Introduction to Apache Thrift

Recently I gave a presentation to our development team about Apache Thrift ( – great software framework that allows applications written in different programming languages to communicate with each other. What differentiates it from other solutions is that Apache Thrift is relatively easy to implement and maintain. I have written this article to preserve the presentation contents and supplement it with additional code examples. Some history and background Thrift was conceived in Facebook in 2007. Their company culture allows its developers to choose any programming language, which seems best for particular solution. This, obviously, led to multitude of applications written in different languages. That’s when a need for a tool […]