eMAG Apps UI KIT – A collection of visual elements and guidelines for designing web applications

Today we officially launch our very first stable version of eMAG Apps UI KIT, a collection of visual elements and guidelines built by designers and developers at eMAG.

eMAG_Apps_UI_KIT_facebookWhat does it bring?

Our open source UI KIT is based on Bootstrap architecture and was carefully built with HTML, CSS and JS. Aside from the elements provided by Bootstrap, it comes with its own set of unique components, styling and useful plugins that you can use in your projects.

Here you can see the components demo.

How do we use it?

At eMAG, we use the UI KIT to develop our internal web applications, but at the same time it’s suitable for many types of software architectures. For most applications we integrated it with Symfony, but recently we used it in two SPA applications developed with React JS.

Our goal is to help the community to build amazing web applications easier and faster and we strive to do this by continuously improving what we build. That’s why this is an open source project and we encourage you to contribute and share your feedback.

You can easily start using the eMAG Apps UI KIT or contribute to its development.

Just check the GitHub repository and you’ll find all the information you need.

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Vlad Dusa

Digital designer, advocate of esthetics and simplicity, looking to build relationships that might lead to meaningful experiences. I'm currently part of eMAG HX Team where I take care of the design standards for internal applications.
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