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Continuous Delivery value to your organization and customers – notes from Retail:Code 2017 conference

Last week I attended Retail:Code 2017 conference in London. In this article, I will write about my experience at this event and discuss the key takeaways of the experts discussion panel on Continuous Delivery that I facilitated. About the Retail:Code 2017 conference The event’s mission is to bridge gaps in retail and e-commerce between managers and IT people, especially in the terms of Continuous Delivery and DevOps. What was unique is that two and a half days were packed not only with talks but also with many opportunities to exchange professional experience and do networking. Speakers presented their experience with topics such as DevOps and Agile implementation in large companies, […]

Android 101 – loading… 50%

We’re already half through our Android workshop as a part of the “FII Practic!” project, which we announced at the beginning of February. Here is an insight on how the droids are doing. First of all, we were absolutely stunned by the number of students that registered for our course: almost 180 enthusiastic people, and we had the difficult task of selecting just 28 of them. The selection was made based on technical questions regarding previous experiences with Java, OOP, and Android. After a few hours spent reading and analyzing some very good answers, we got our top 28 entries and we were all set to continue with the workshop. […]

Be together, not the same – Android 101

Android has become one of the most exciting operating systems in the past few years. Have you ever wondered what’s it like to see your idea turn into an app that you can run on your actual device? eMAG Workshops program is proud to present, in collaboration with “FII Practic!”, an Android journey where you will learn the basics of Android native programming. During March and April, the Android 101 workshop will take place in Iasi as a part of the “FII Practic!” project, an initiative of ASII (Computer Science Students Association) and FII (the Faculty of Computer Science Iasi). “FII Practic!” is a place where faculty and high school […]

Remember eMAG Hackathon 2016 – Future Hacks edition

24 hours may seem like a short time, but in the thrill of a hackathon, you may be amazed of what you can accomplish. At the beginning of September we challenged our colleagues from the technology teams to look towards the future of technology and build awesome future-inspired applications. To our delight, quite a few of them said yes. And here we are, September 3rd, 10 o’clock, spreading participant kits to the guys who were coming in large groups, impatient to get things started. Two hours later, we “let the games begin“ and everyone hurried to gather his team and write down their projects strategy. But where there is a […]

eMAG Warsaw Hub’s team on Testing Cup 2016

On May 25th a team of brave testers from eMAG Warsaw Hub participated in an event called “Testing Cup 2016”. This was an unique opportunity to evaluate our testing skills in real action competing with other specialists from Poland and also promote eMAG as a company that focuses on the quality of the software delivered. What is Testing Cup? The craft of QA in Poland is growing really fast. There are many dedicated software test specialists, so it is inevitable that the number of events for all those people will also increase. The first edition of the Testing Cup took place four years ago in Warsaw. It is formed of […]

Live the eMAG experience from behind the scenes!

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Are you at the beginning of your career and want be part of the team that creates the future of the online commerce in the region? Join the eMAG Talent Internship program! You can choose from 20 positions of paid internship in Bucharest, Iasi and Craiova, out of which 12 in the Software Development department, and 6 in the Platforms area. We are fundamentally curious, we learn by experimenting and are always looking for out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. If you are passionate about programming, like to learn and always listen and understand a subject before “jumping” into the code, our Code Gods team is waiting for you. You will use […]

Back to school with “Fii Practic event @Iasi”

Ever wonder how it would be to return to school (of course, once you finished school and got to work on several jobs? Well, we can make it happen through our eMAG Workshops program. But here we are no longer students, we are fully equiped experts ready to transfer their knowledge to young talents hungry for practical real life projects. Under the cheering „Keep your brain fit!”, we invite students to join our hands on technical learning sessions built on topics of interest in their field. Our promise is to spice up each session by using the latest technologies. Between March 12 – April 24, we will reopen the gates of […]

eMAG development team @ Smartweb 2015

Since knowledge is power, our wish is to stay connected to everything new out there related to the web development field. Ok, but how do we do it? One of the solutions we’ve got up our sleeve is to attend conferences dedicated to hot topics of interest for us.

We already did that when we attended Smartweb, a conference for developers and web designers. Between the 21st and the 22nd of September 2015, the UI Core Team from eMAG attended the Smartweb 2015 Conference.

What the hack?

In this article I’ll walk you through some of the technologies and fun we had during the 2nd edition of eMAG Hackathon on June 13, 2015. I’d like to share our journey with you, starting with Symfony, moving on to the burger van, writing some APIs with the FOSRestBundle, taking a hell of a ride with the Oculus Rift simulator and ending with the Android SDK deep into the night (true last man standing experience). Our team (Black Team from the eMAG Marketplace application), had a very practical idea, based on a real need we had during the Scrum plannings: a mobile application to handle the meetings and estimations, while keeping record […]

eMAG at DevTalks

Dev Talks is the biggest IT conference that gathers under the same roof Software Developers & IT professionals from Bucharest and surrounding area in order to explore the trends that will shape the future of technology. The 2015 edition gathered more than 800 attendees at the event and over 900 viewers online, as the sessions were also broadcasted live. This year’s conference in Bucharest took place on June 11th at Romexpo and targeted an audience formed of experienced technical professionals, employees of large IT development centres across Romania. We also participated at this event and three of our colleagues were even speakers in keynotes and panels on the Web scene. […]