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Valentin Bica

Javascript enthusiastic, passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others by using technology. I'm currently part of eMAG HX Team where I take care of creating intuitive and code clean applications.
E-mail: valentin.bica(at)

C’est la “Vue”

The journey from giving up React.js in favor of Vue.js The intrigue As technology is evolving at a fast pace and microservices are a thing now, the number of frontend libraries/frameworks that endorse this architectural design style has gone up to the roof. Making a choice has begun to be a pain in the a.. as the perfect framework does not exists and flaws are sometimes hidden far beneath in the mist of time. As you will see, it’s more about knowing what you want and not the number of articles that endorse a framework, the community or even the company behind it. HX Team HX (Team) stands for Human […]