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Krzysztof Rakowski

I published my first website on April 8, 1998. Almost 17 years later, in February 2015 I joined eMAG's subsidiary, where I continue my experience working on web applications and software development management. Currently I manage eMAG's software development hub in Warsaw, Poland. I am passionate about improving my craft, expanding knowledge and learning about technologies. In other people I value honesty, intelligence and meticulousness. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others through articles, books and presentations.

E-mail: krzysztof.rakowski(at)

Continuous Delivery value to your organization and customers – notes from Retail:Code 2017 conference

Last week I attended Retail:Code 2017 conference in London. In this article, I will write about my experience at this event and discuss the key takeaways of the experts discussion panel on Continuous Delivery that I facilitated. About the Retail:Code 2017 conference The event’s mission is to bridge gaps in retail and e-commerce between managers and IT people, especially in the terms of Continuous Delivery and DevOps. What was unique is that two and a half days were packed not only with talks but also with many opportunities to exchange professional experience and do networking. Speakers presented their experience with topics such as DevOps and Agile implementation in large companies, […]


How to write an article

From time to time there’s a situation when you have some innovative idea or recently acquired some skill.  It definitely did cost you some time and effort. Why not share it with others? Preparing your thoughts for the public consumption helps you organize your knowledge, review the possible flaws and put your idea up for the peer review. There are multiple methods of sharing your ideas, with two main types used daily: presentation and article. Each of them has its pros and cons: presentation is more interactive and supports better interaction between speaker and listeners. On the other hand, it’s hard to gather a larger crowd for a meeting and […]


Introduction to Apache Thrift

Recently I gave a presentation to our development team about Apache Thrift ( – great software framework that allows applications written in different programming languages to communicate with each other. What differentiates it from other solutions is that Apache Thrift is relatively easy to implement and maintain. I have written this article to preserve the presentation contents and supplement it with additional code examples. Some history and background Thrift was conceived in Facebook in 2007. Their company culture allows its developers to choose any programming language, which seems best for particular solution. This, obviously, led to multitude of applications written in different languages. That’s when a need for a tool […]


Effective communication in software development projects – in 7 easy steps

In this article I will show you how you may increase the effectiveness of communication in your projects (not only IT-related) by following seven simple rules. eMAG’s day-to-day operations are heavily dependent on the work of Software Development department – it comes as no surprise in a business of such scale. We are present in four countries, employ about 2000 people in multiple offices and at any given moment work on hundreds of projects, many of them involving some kind of software development or technical support. Multiple factors make up the successful project: clear vision, thorough analysis, skilful development and good management – to name a few. There is however […]