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George Vlada

In high school I wanted to attend the College of Architecture but I changed my mind and chose web programming. I have been working at eMAG for over 5 years and I contributed as a programmer and team leader on many interesting projects: Black Friday, eMAG Hackathon, eMAG Tech Labs, eMAG Poland, eMAG Bulgaria, UI standards for admin apps, supply chain management module. What's next?

E-mail: george.vlada(at)

Remember eMAG Hackathon 2016 – Future Hacks edition

24 hours may seem like a short time, but in the thrill of a hackathon, you may be amazed of what you can accomplish. At the beginning of September we challenged our colleagues from the technology teams to look towards the future of technology and build awesome future-inspired applications. To our delight, quite a few of them said yes. And here we are, September 3rd, 10 o’clock, spreading participant kits to the guys who were coming in large groups, impatient to get things started. Two hours later, we “let the games begin“ and everyone hurried to gather his team and write down their projects strategy. But where there is a […]


eMAG development team @ Smartweb 2015

Since knowledge is power, our wish is to stay connected to everything new out there related to the web development field. Ok, but how do we do it? One of the solutions we’ve got up our sleeve is to attend conferences dedicated to hot topics of interest for us.

We already did that when we attended Smartweb, a conference for developers and web designers. Between the 21st and the 22nd of September 2015, the UI Core Team from eMAG attended the Smartweb 2015 Conference.


Beyond the simple click-order lies a fascinating universe of coding. Welcome to eMAG TechLabs!

Welcome to eMAG Tech Labs, the place where we share our passion for the magic of code. What is eMAG Tech Labs? Have you ever thought of what’s behind the eMAG website? You might say, probably just a handful of employees with a few tech specialists to make sure the site is up and running. Well, what if I told you we are a team of over 1500 employees and growing, with almost 500 IT specialists and offices in four countries. Pretty amazing, right? Beyond eMAG eCommerce business, there is a strong community of passionate programmers, who love what they do and are always on the lookout for the latest […]