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Daniel Popovici

Since I started high school I got into C++ programming and participated at lots of competitions. I surely didn’t had idea about what lies ahead. Now, I'm a passionate Android craftsman & perfectionist in whatever I do. I've been working at eMAG for almost two years and since then I contributed to all Black Friday events the mobile app has gone through.
E-mail: daniel.popovici(at)

Android 101 – loading… 50%

We’re already half through our Android workshop as a part of the “FII Practic!” project, which we announced at the beginning of February. Here is an insight on how the droids are doing. First of all, we were absolutely stunned by the number of students that registered for our course: almost 180 enthusiastic people, and we had the difficult task of selecting just 28 of them. The selection was made based on technical questions regarding previous experiences with Java, OOP, and Android. After a few hours spent reading and analyzing some very good answers, we got our top 28 entries and we were all set to continue with the workshop. […]


Be together, not the same – Android 101

Android has become one of the most exciting operating systems in the past few years. Have you ever wondered what’s it like to see your idea turn into an app that you can run on your actual device? eMAG Workshops program is proud to present, in collaboration with “FII Practic!”, an Android journey where you will learn the basics of Android native programming. During March and April, the Android 101 workshop will take place in Iasi as a part of the “FII Practic!” project, an initiative of ASII (Computer Science Students Association) and FII (the Faculty of Computer Science Iasi). “FII Practic!” is a place where faculty and high school […]