Remove duplicates from products catalog: product matching

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You probably never heard of product matching, but you have seen it in action, for sure, every time you went shopping online. It’s the engine powering price comparison websites and marketplace platforms. In a few words, given that you have two products from different or the same source, with all the data points attached, you have to determine if the two products are one and the same. For the human mind this is a very easy task, but for a computer it raises lots of challenges. For instance when you browse and search for a book you find something like this: Does it make any sense? Well, obviously the first product matches […]

eMAG – No. 1 IT Company to work for in Romania

A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox. It was a link from Biz magazine, announcing that we were chosen as the no. 1 IT company to work for in Romania. You can find the full story about the selection process here. To sum it up, the result was based on a combination of answers we gave to some questions related to the work environment and team numbers and the ones IT pros gave through a dedicated survey. Only three years ago, we wouldn’t have thought we will reach this stage. The Platforms & Technology team had 120 people. Not that many, considering the other big players in […]

The Business Analyst role in IT

If you search the internet for a clear description for the Business Analyst role you will most likely get a ton of answers, some may be confusing, and you might mix it up with some other roles, as I have found people tend to do. For many, the role seems to be unclear and I was often asked during the time I was a BA,  “So what is it you do exactly as a BA?”. No, it’s not a person that comes through the door, looks at the CEO and says – Sir after careful consideration of your establishment I‘ve concluded that this indeed is a business. Jeff Dunham Peanut […]

Techtalks 16 – Product matching & learning from your mistakes

TechTalks 16 was held at the beginning of this month and I’d like to give you guys a short insight on what went down at the presentation, and what our guest speakers had to say. This time our speakers were Dan Gurgui who taught us a little bit about product matching, and Laurentiu Matei who shared some of his experiences as a programmer and what he managed to learn when things didn’t exactly go as he planned them to. So jumping right in as you get comfy and crack open a beer, Product Matching. What is it? Well if you look at the eMAG website there are millions of products […]

Data Analyst Development – Resources Backpack

We know that learning something new might be overwhelming. Now, with all the information floating on the internet things get messy, you don’t know where to start and most of the time you end up quitting. We’ve been there, so this article is trying to help you get a clearer picture on two things: What paths could you follow if you want to work in the Business Intelligence field? What are the best resources available for Data Analysts rookies? To answer the first question, because we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, we invite you to read an article that better explains 9 career paths in data science: The Product […]

Data Analyst Development Program

Have you ever wondered how eMAG makes decisions in regards to products, clients, users and orders? How do we know what products need to be purchased, what quantities are needed for each product, who is the target clientele, how do we advertise and to whom? Well, after some brainstorming, eMAG decided years ago to create one department to organize all the data that comes from the metrics above: Business Intelligence. The Business Intelligence department is doing a great job handling all the knowledge eMAG needs to grow as a business and to keep its customers happy. Therefore, we believe it’s time to share some of that knowledge and grow the […]

Continuous Delivery value to your organization and customers – notes from Retail:Code 2017 conference

Last week I attended Retail:Code 2017 conference in London. In this article, I will write about my experience at this event and discuss the key takeaways of the experts discussion panel on Continuous Delivery that I facilitated. About the Retail:Code 2017 conference The event’s mission is to bridge gaps in retail and e-commerce between managers and IT people, especially in the terms of Continuous Delivery and DevOps. What was unique is that two and a half days were packed not only with talks but also with many opportunities to exchange professional experience and do networking. Speakers presented their experience with topics such as DevOps and Agile implementation in large companies, […]

Android 101 – loading… 50%

We’re already half through our Android workshop as a part of the “FII Practic!” project, which we announced at the beginning of February. Here is an insight on how the droids are doing. First of all, we were absolutely stunned by the number of students that registered for our course: almost 180 enthusiastic people, and we had the difficult task of selecting just 28 of them. The selection was made based on technical questions regarding previous experiences with Java, OOP, and Android. After a few hours spent reading and analyzing some very good answers, we got our top 28 entries and we were all set to continue with the workshop. […]

OpenStack & CORE Application

              The title sort of gives it away but I would like to steal some moments of your time and teach you a little about stacks, about machine allocation and also about CORE, an internal app that reduced application  setup from a few days to a few minutes. With CORE we will be able to set up an entire system of applications ready to go in no time at all.  Basically using the app a new employee can get to work on his first day at 9:00 AM and have a working environment at 9:05 AM. Pretty cool right?I think so and I had the […]

Be together, not the same – Android 101

Android has become one of the most exciting operating systems in the past few years. Have you ever wondered what’s it like to see your idea turn into an app that you can run on your actual device? eMAG Workshops program is proud to present, in collaboration with “FII Practic!”, an Android journey where you will learn the basics of Android native programming. During March and April, the Android 101 workshop will take place in Iasi as a part of the “FII Practic!” project, an initiative of ASII (Computer Science Students Association) and FII (the Faculty of Computer Science Iasi). “FII Practic!” is a place where faculty and high school […]